Save Time & Money With Strike Streamlining

Virtual, one-on-one training at your pace! No previous skills or experience needed. Our friendly, professional specialists will guide you, step by step, using what you already have. There is no software or license required.

We will help you go green! Now is the time to get rid of all of that paper! 

Time is a precious commodity – we will show you how to automate tasks to save you time. We customize your automation to meet your specific needs.

We offer personal training as well as training for businesses, schools and other organizations.

We Help You or Your Organization With:


"Thank you! You know your stuff and present in an accessible/approachable way."
Training Attendee
WALA Annual Conference
"Being the secretary of a government sponsored preschool program that operates under the umbrella of the local school district, I found myself and the staff drowning in a sea of paperwork. The intake process involves completion of a 10-page application where applicants must also provide proof of income and other supporting documents. And that is just the beginning. Once a student is accepted into the program, they are given a lengthy registration packet to fill out, requiring repeatedly filling in data and signatures page after page. And that's not to mention all of the documentation and data tracking the staff is required to do. Our organization needed HELP and Strike Streamlining seemed to be exactly what we needed. But I had some concerns. Could they handle a project this big? Could this "old dog" learn their "new tricks" and then turn around and train my staff? How could this happen remotely? Indeed, Strike Streamlining CAN digitize your paperwork laden world! Just like learning anything new, it did take some time and a little practice, but if I can learn it, anyone can! And they did it all from the screen of my computer."
Tami Burleson
Secretary, Ephrata School District
"I took away so much information about utilizing Google products. A gamechanger for sure!"
Training Attendee
WALA Annual Conference
"Thank you again for answering all our questions. It really helped me to see the bigger picture of how google will work for our program."
Alison W.
Blaine School District
"Strike Streamlining has been instrumental in our transition to a new system for managing written student learning plans. What we have learned from them has been very helpful for us to streamline other aspects of what we do in our school."
Shane E.
Oak Harbor School District
"Thank you so much for your patience yesterday with me also! You did an awesome job with the training and I look forward to working with you again."
Lauren V.
Wahluke School District

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, this is consulting and training for how to use Google Tools to Streamline your processes.

Absolutely! We will work with you to teach you how to use the tools you have to streamline and automate any process. 

A: We will help you create processes that are audit friendly. With Streamlined processes, data is easily tracked and automation is included for how information is communicated and presented.

A: This depends on the skills and work style of the people who are being trained.

A: Yes! (For potential clients who happen to be a WA State ALE School.)

A: We now offer Streamlining using Microsoft.

A: No, the tools and processes we help you create are yours.

A: No, you may continue to purchase Streamlining time from us on an as needed basis. You decide.

A: Yes, for follow up of completed Streamlining sessions, we offer 30 minute sessions available to purchase to help you with additional needs or support.