Q: Is this a software that you sell?

A: No, this is consulting and training for how to use Google Tools to Streamline your processes.

Q: What do we need to have in place in order to use this system?

A: Typically, a SIS and Gsuite, along with the Google Sheet add-on, Autocrat (free)

Q: How long will it take for us to learn and implement this system?

A: This depends on the skills and work style of the people who are being trained.

Q: Does this system comply with ALE law?

A: Yes!

Q: Does this work with Microsoft products?

A: We are looking into creating these tools to specifically work with Microsoft.

Q: Do you need to maintain access to our school/student data for this to work?

A: No, the tools and processes we help you create are yours.

Q: Do you require a continued licensing fee or additional mandatory training or costs in the future?

A: No, you may continue to purchase Streamlining time from us on an as needed basis. You decide.

Q: After we complete our Streamlining sessions with you, is there continued support offered?

A: Yes, for follow up of completed Streamlining sessions, we offer 30 minute sessions available to purchase to help you with  additional needs or support.