What We Do


Save time and money with Strike Streamlining.

To keep up with today’s demands in our changing times, our creative, professional staff with years of experience and proven success takes a comprehensive, collaborative and customized approach to streamline your organization’s internal infrastructure.

After using Strike Streamlining, your organization will experience time and money savings due to:

  • Easier, smoother & faster processes
  • Less paperwork to slow you down
  • Organization and management of information
  • Seamless automation of important tasks
  • Effective and fast communication
  • Efficient collaboration among staff
  • Accurate records for compliance and audits

Strike Streamlining will:

  • Provide an overview of how Strike Streamlining works for you
  • Offer detailed information about streamlining functions
  • Offer GSuite Certified training for:
    • Use and application of Google Tools, which can include:
      • Google calendar
      • Gmail
      • Google Drive
      • GSuite
      • Google Forms
      • Google Sheets
      • Google Docs
      • Google Sites
      • Google add-ons for automation

Strike Streamlining can:

  • Assess your current internal processes, identifying ways to streamline your operation
  • Make a recommendation for tools and provide training based on your needs. Training may include:
    • Implementation of a paperless workflow
    • Development of automated systems to create required documents
    • Real time information tracking
    • Staff training for efficient collaboration
    • Data verification
    • Audit trail creation

Strike Streamlining services are delivered through:

  • Live presentations
  • Video series/tutorials
  • Professional Development
  • Consulting