What our clients are saying:

"Being the secretary of a government sponsored preschool program that operates under the umbrella of the local school district, I found myself and the staff drowning in a sea of paperwork. The intake process involves completion of a 10-page application where applicants must also provide proof of income and other supporting documents. And that is just the beginning. Once a student is accepted into the program, they are given a lengthy registration packet to fill out, requiring repeatedly filling in data and signatures page after page. And that's not to mention all of the documentation and data tracking the staff is required to do. Our organization needed HELP and Strike Streamlining seemed to be exactly what we needed. But I had some concerns. Could they handle a project this big? Could this "old dog" learn their "new tricks" and then turn around and train my staff? How could this happen remotely? Indeed, Strike Streamlining CAN digitize your paperwork laden world! Just like learning anything new, it did take some time and a little practice, but if I can learn it, anyone can! And they did it all from the screen of my computer."
Tami Burleson
Secretary, Ephrata School District
"Thank you again for answering all our questions. It really helped me to see the bigger picture of how google will work for our program."
Alison W.
Blaine School District
"Shahla at Strike Streamlining was wonderful to work with! My secretary and I spent two sessions and were able to develop a system to generate WSLPs and monthly progress updates through a google form and app. I'm excited to continue to work on a couple of my more complicated ALE programs. Shahla is very knowledgeable and a great teacher."
Rhonda S.
Ellensburg School District
"We developed ALE documents through Strike-Services and have been running those forms since September. We just completed a follow-up compliance review with OPSI and our forms were 100% compliant and complete."
Riley T.
Highline School District
"Thank you so much for your patience yesterday with me also! You did an awesome job with the training and I look forward to working with you again."
Lauren V.
Wahluke School District
"Our school was lost, confused, and desperate. We had been limping along for years with an inflexible database management company until they were bought out. We tried the new company but felt like they didn't get the "weird" of our school. Then COVID hit and looked to Strike Streamlining. Strike Streamlining taught me how to make our data work in Google and Skyward. The whole team was amazing in coming up with solutions and teaching ME how to make our weird work. We are able to create WSLPs, syllabi, monthly reviews, and run the P223 in Google and Skyward. Shahla taught me how to fish instead of giving me a fish. I know how to push the limits of Skyward to make our "weird" fit in the ALE rules. Thank you, Strike Streamlining."
Judith C.
Oak Harbor School District
"Strike Streamlining has been instrumental in our transition to a new system for managing written student learning plans. What we have learned from them has been very helpful for us to streamline other aspects of what we do in our school."
Shane E.
Oak Harbor School District

Some testimonials about our staff:

“It is my pleasure and honor to award the Friend of WALA to Shahla. The person is best described with a series of adjectives: Adaptable: She is able to change gears on the fly and makes any change meaningful and purposeful. Ambitious: She will get ahead in life looking for special opportunities to better her life, yet more importantly, your life. She is not afraid to work the extra hours to make any project perfect and meaningful. Compassionate: She always tries to do something to help ease a person's pain or suffering. She has stepped up to help those around her in school, her community, and her family. Diligent: She will work tirelessly until the task/job is complete. She pays special attention to detail and assures those around her in the office, school house, and community the final outcome will be successful. Empathetic: She is capable of listening and understanding your needs through your perspective. She never passes judgment and only reaffirms in a caring word or gesture. Intuitive: I am impressed with her ability to operate in stressful times by instinct. She demonstrates a special sense for any given situation. She presents things in a way that everyone is able to understand. Inventive: She is able to find creative, ingenious ways to solve problems. I like to refer to her as McGyver when it comes to her computer skills and knowledge of technology. Passionate: This young lady loves life and all those around her! I rarely if ever see her without a smile on her face or a giggle. Persistent: I have never seen her give up on an issue even if things look imminent. She works to always find a solution to any given challenge. I would share that her job is very challenging every month, but won’t tell you why since it would give it away as to who this person is at this time. Practical: She always looks at things through a practical lens. She is always prepared for nearly any situation that may arise in and out of her work setting. Reliable: I can say without question she is trustworthy and has demonstrated that in her school setting with administration, teaching staff, community members, and family. Resourceful: She is capable of using necessary resources and seeking new resources to solve a challenge. She is able to see things others don’t in developing solutions.” (March, 2020)
Brad S.
Executive Director, WALA
(Washington Alternative Learning Association)
“Shahla is the current registrar at River HomeLink, a 1,000 student alternative learning experience, with Battle Ground Public Schools. She possesses all of the skills, and more, required to be successful. She is responsible, and dependable, has a great sense of vision and integrity, and continually looks for ways to personify great customer service.  While many people who work with data have strengths in dealing with details, Shahla possesses these strengths in abundance and complements them with an untiring commitment to serve and meet others’ needs. She is able to work ‘with the end in mind’. She anticipates issues and can engage in problem-solving at multiple levels. She is incredibly familiar with Skyward and knows many of the ins and outs of that system. She participates on the school’s leadership team and is comfortable participating in conversations with students, staff, and the community. She is a quick learner, and when she doesn’t get something, she searches for others to help her gain knowledge and help the struggling person before her.  I can’t say enough about Shahla. She has an infectious laugh, a strong work ethic, and a can-do spirit. She is deeply rooted in providing authentic customer service to families and staff. She works well on teams, with staff members and with students.”  (April 2020)
Mark C.
Principal, River HomeLink
“I have worked with Shahla for the last six years and have a great deal of respect for her. Shahla is extremely competent in her job as registrar, and each year has made significant improvements in processes that have had a positive effect on many aspects of our school. She is a dedicated employee who is always looking for a way to make things better. As the high school counselor in the office next door, I have watched her change and improve the way we handle registration and intake interviews for the high school. The presentations she has given to our high school staff are well-organized and practical. As the Running Start coordinator, I have worked with her on count days watching her be sure that every detail is correct. Working with her is a joy because she is so competent; she is a wonderful problem solver and if she doesn’t already know the answer to any question, she finds it out and gets back to me quickly. Shahla has an unusual combination of skills because she is able to see the big picture in a very unique school; she understands systems but is also able to see details and get them right. Not many registrars work with and understand elementary, middle school, and high school needs. She knows all about all of them! Shahla is unfailingly responsive to all the teachers, parents, and administrators who stop by her office for answers. She gives each person who comes into her office her undivided attention and her best effort. I know, because I am one of the people who asks her questions on an almost daily basis! She has a great sense of humor and a laugh that bubbles easily to the surface. Shahla has skills that can serve and benefit an entire district.” (May 2021)
Margie M.
High School Counselor